Tobias Windisch


AI in manufacturing
Speed up optical alignments with machine learning
Learning graphical models for high-dimensional manufacturing data
Putting machine learning into production
Boosting assembly lines with machine learning
Detecting anomalies in electric cars
Rapid mixing, Markov bases, and fiber graphs


  • Our causalAssembly paper was selected as spotlight at CLeaR 2024!
  • I organize the research seminar AI as manufacturing technology (german KI als Fertigungstechnologie) at University of Applied Sciences Kempten. Learn more about the seminar here
  • On January 24 2023, I helped organizing the Data Science meet up Allgäu at University of Applied Sciences Kempten.
  • ROI made a video on the winning submission for the Industry 4.0 award 2019 of Robert Bosch GmbH (where I gave a short interview).
  • In 2017, I visted the workshop on Algebraic Statistics at Oberwolfach (can you spot me on this picture?)
  • I won the best dissertation price of the faculty of mathematics at OvGU Magdeburg.

Alumni associations

My PhD project "Algebraic methods in statistics and optimization" was funded by the German National Academic foundation between 2014/04 and 2016/09.
I was a fellow of the elite graduate programm TopMath of the TU Munich between 2011/09 and 2014/10.