Tobias Windisch

This is a list of selected software projects I'm involved with. The full list of my public code projects can be found at my GitHub profile.


I'm the creator and an active developer of luisy, a Python framework maintained by Robert Bosch GmbH helping data scientists to build complex, robust, and reproducible data pipelines.

code at GitHub  |  Docs  |  Article on medium


A Python framework creating high-dimensional synthetic data to evaluate methods that learn Bayesian Networks from observational data.

code at GitHub  |  Docs  |  Wheel at PyPi


A Python framework to explore the latent space of convolutional Autoencoders implemented in PyTorch.

code at GitHub  |  Wheel at PyPi


My customized vim setup as well as an ansible role that installs it. Mainly optimized to write Python code efficiently.

VIM configuration  |  Ansible role  |  Docker image


A Python framework for ranked choice voting, my favourite voting system.

code at GitHub